How Little Bubba Brave Began....

After sitting in my Son's hospital room watching him sleep, his eyes soft and relaxed, with his newly inserted nasal gastric tube taped firmly on his cheek. My heart was heavy, Yes, he finally had a full belly and a monitor no longer beeping constantly at us, I knew this tube has done what it needed, but it hurt to so much to see him like that. I had no idea how long he was going to need it, but it finally just felt like his body was calm, relaxed and content. Something we hadn't seen in him for a long time. I guess he has a real chance at living his fullest life with this tube... but how would we cope with this?!? His sister was coming in the next morning to visit and my heart sank once again. Knowing that she wouldn't understand what this meant and how this would give her little brother that much needed nutrition that his body so desperately needed. So late at night I sat there cutting out teddy bears off IV tape stickers to try to help her sister in the morning not worry about how sick her brother was. 

This is how Little Bubba Brave began. As a mum with a medical needs baby, my life evolved around things that were scary, heart breaking and confusing. Something I didn't want others to feel if I could help in any way?

It was the most simplest of changes, adding these bears, but yet it seamed to add joy and excitement in a time that's dark, unknown and difficult. 

At Little Bubba Brave our mission is to include everyone. To give joy, spread love and not hid away, to make sure that even those with different needs can still celebrate and style their world, show off and BE PROUD of who they are. We are proud of how hard they fought. So they should be to so very proud to.

From teddy bears to now endless creative possibilities. We have worked around the clock, researching, testing, trailing and now can say we finally have a product that we are proud of and want to share it with the world. Welcome to Little Bubba Brave, tapes for all needs and pictures for all tastes, genders, ages and styles. 

Your story may just be beginning, but take hold of it with two hands and make it your own. 

Much Love Chloe xx