If you would like to know how to put a smile on a child's face?!?

How to give families hope and strength when facing their toughest journey?
Have you thought about donating some tapes to families in need? This gesture may be the reminded they need to know they are not alone, a reminder to find the small pieces of joy and to find a reason to have HOPE. 
Please get in touch before placing your order. As all tapes that are sent for donations are wrapped individually as to ensure safe standards are met. We other wise wrap orders together to reduce wastage and our carbon footprint. 
We can send a donation direct to hospital's, care homes, friends and/or families. We can even include a card and personalised note.
Thank you for giving families courage and hope in times of uncertainty and worry. 
You can get in touch with us here. 
We look forward to hearing from you!