The Love From Our Customers

"Having a microprem is challenging enough without having to sift through products available to make our lives a little less chaotic. Thank you for creating a product that not only functionally works better than any other tape I have used for our little miracle's NGT, but helps sprinkle a little piece of magic in amongst the chaos of all our medical needs!! To have a breast feeding journey come to an end is devestating but to see all these gorgeous prints on my daughters face and actually stay put, brings a smile to all our faces!!!! Your tapes are fun, functional and fashionable and we love them!! You will never use plain hypafix again!!!!!"

Danielle W. 




"My son, due to his food refusal problem! He has been on NG tube since he was a little bubba( refused bottle & milk at that time) I've been also struggling with the tapes!!!! Nothing sticks long enough on his cheeks! nothing but the brown tape ( sometimes I have to retape it every time and then)! I've reached a point where I needed to use the rock tape😫! I was little he isitantte to use the patterned tapes from Little Bubba Brave! But man, they are stretchy, very easy to manage! And stays on for a very long time!!!!!!!this photo of the cars patterns ( survived 3 baths and it still going🎉🎉) Love the patterns! The quality, the size, and the cause behind all of this!!!! Thanks a lot for thinking of us💓💓💓💓"  Aljoundi S.





 "He's so adorable haha! I love his little tape kit. It makes it so much nicer for both of us doing a new tape. The pop of colour takes the medical out of it somehow." Amanda L.